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Did you know? Many songs can be interpreted, just as some dreams can be interpreted? And some messages are from the spirit world by some who wish forgiveness.
I interpret the above video presentation with the message from some Runaways (aliens we call them) who introduced their true emotions of remorse, for the sin of messing with the bloodline of mankind. At the time God breathed into Adam, the breath of life. His essence.
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True Stories
True Stories
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The Lore of Enoch   
All creation is of great value. We are the caretakers of the physical realm.

I don't want to be preached at. Don't knock on my door and deliver another sermon. Organized Religion fails me.  

That's my opinion.

I'd rather connect history to present paradigms and make choices that don't tax my brain, twist my thoughts, or break my leg. I don't have time to rush. I don't have time to hurry. I just want to enjoy life here on earth before I run out of it. Everything we do; everything we do to escape death (on our own) is a TRAP. One exception. The Creator of all things. And He has only one plan. Plan (A). He will be victorious. As will we.    
Author on Goodreads.com ~ After 2.6 Billion Years, UFO's today.  

Nothing else matters.  All life on earth depends on us. The human race. If we could work together to protect the only world we know, then we would matter too. https://youtu.be/IjGFi6OwWFw
Thoughts of the Day

For this cause shall a man
leave his father and mother
and reside with his wife.

Adam fulfilled that principle.

Jesus the Christ will also
fulfill it when his marriage
takes place.

And guess what?
We're all invited.

Only Five attend.

Here's the untold secret:
Five from Adam enter.
Five from Lilith: No shows.

Genesis 2:24  Matthew 25:1  Genesis 6:4