Who is God's Mother?
Who Is God's Mother?
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About This Manuscript:


An incomplete devotional by a man who bought the farm.  

          I bought the Farm.


News Anchor: You obviously didn’t buy the farm. You’re not dead. You’re sitting here with me. So my first question is, what does “I bought the farm” mean to you?

Author: I’m just a guy who wrote a book and I’m promoting it on your show.

News Anchor: You claim you’ve had visions.

Author: I have visions.

News Anchor: Do you take hallucinogens?

Author: Not to my knowledge.

News Anchor: The topic is, “Who is God’s Mother?” We’ll be right back. After these messages.

Author Note:

Special thanks to Willie, Tonya, Frances, Ronnie, Walt, Steve, Christina and Paul Paul for their direct contributions. And many others for indirectly influencing this manuscript.

Contact: Author's Forum: pbatusa
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