Who Is God's Mother?
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          November 28. 2001

Well about the birth. By, Tonya.

I went to the clinic because I thought my amniotic fluid was leaking. They checked and said everything was fine. But then I had this big back spasm that lasted for about ten minutes. The doctor said that it’s normal. So, we went home.

A couple days later, while I was in bed, and the babies (mainly Paul) in my uterus would not calm down. I kept trying to calm him down because he was like clawing. Trying to dig out of my stomach. He wouldn’t stop. All night. But then I finally fell asleep.

I woke up at 2:00 A/M. I just didn’t feel right. So I ran to the bathroom and when I looked down, the toilet was full of blood. I started screaming for Paul (my husband). He called the Doctor and she told us to get to the hospital, now.

As soon as we got there, they started all these tests to see if it was my fluid. Then they tried to stop the contractions with some meds. Because it was too early. But then I started spitting up blood and they saw Christina was swallowing up blood too. The doctors said we have to do a C-section. Take the babies out because I was losing so much blood I might not make it.

I was so scared. Anyway, the anesthesiologist came in and started telling me about the epidural. I looked at him and he saw my fear. He said, “Don’t worry. God is with you. Everything will be okay.”  

They rolled me to the O.R. and everyone was scurrying around. I started to panic. That same guy, (the anesthesiologist) was right above my head and he said, “Jesus is here. Jesus is in the room. Right here.”

Hearing that, at that moment, I stopped worrying. I had total peace and knew in my heart-of-hearts that God had everything under control. Lola I’m crying at this very moment just telling you about this. I’m wondering if it was a man or an angel. In any event, I felt like the hand of God was on me.

I tell Christina and Paul all the time that they are God’s children. He will take care of them.

Comments by the father:

Tonya told me later, fifteen years later, that she was asking for someone to pray with as the doctors were rolling her into the O.R. She kept asking. And that’s when the anesthesiologist told her that “Jesus is in the room. Right here”. Tonya also told me that later, after the birth of the twins, that she went to the gift shop within the hospital to purchase a thank you gift for that anesthesiologist, because he had calmed her down. And when Tonya went to inquire of his whereabouts so she could give him the gift, Dr. Pritcher told her, there was no man in the room for her delivery.

POETIC ASCENSION: That’s when she concluded he must have been an angel.

The twins were born on November 09, 2001. Barely 4 pounds between them.

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