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Author’s Notes:
The Arabian name of Enoch is Edris.

The Bible is frequently quoted within these pages. Unless otherwise noted, all Bible quotations come from the King James Version.

When you see references like 14.1, or 13.2, or any other xx.x, I am quoting from “A Modern English Translation of the Ethiopian Book of Enoch with introduction and notes by Andy McCracken”. These references, or verse numbers are retained in my quotes to stay consistent with Andy McCracken's own numbering.
This book (The Book of Enoch) is based on a new translation published in 1978, which was produced as a result of research into a large number of the Ethiopian manuscripts and a review of all other surviving fragments.  “My hope is that this present edition will be the best version of Enoch's book available in English. I think this is an important book, and I have done my best to present it as clearly as possible, and in a way that I hope Hanokh would have approved of.” Andy McCracken.
Special thanks to Bredren Jason Naphtali who found this translation (by M. Knibb) of the Ethiopian text in the S.O.A.S.  The Library at the University of London. Michael A. Knibb's scholarly translation of the Ethiopian manuscripts, The Ethiopic Book of Enoch, Oxford University Press.
Retrieved 5/27/2016 from: http://www.forbiddengate.com/BookOfEnoch.pdf  

I refer to the Midrash often in this book. Usually the source is retrieved from one of these two URL’s unless otherwise noted:

I refer to the Book of Jubilees quite often in this book. The Book of Jubilees or The Little Genesis. Translated from the Editor's Ethiopic Text and edited, with introduction, notes, and indices by R. H. Charles, D.D. Professor of Biblecal Greek, Trinity College, Dublin. London Adam and Charles Black. 1902.
Unless otherwise noted, the quotes and paraphrases come from this source: Library of Wellesley College. Sweet Fund. The Book of Jubilees. Or, the Little Genesis. http://www.forbiddengate.com/Jubilees.pdf

What is NLP? Neuro-linguistic programming. I use the acronym a lot in this book. NLP can and is abused by some people to manipulate the mind of others. NLP can cause misconceptions. NLP effects your judgement. The problem is, when a person is under that NLP influence, that person doesn’t realize it. Here’s an example: A friend of mine, also a neighbor, (Neale) educated my thinking in a positive way. He was just being himself. He was born in Africa and now has citizenship in the U.S.A. So he is an African American. I’ve known him for quite some time. Nice man he is. Wise. Polite. Intelligent. Just like most African Americans. However, Neale is a white man. NLP broken. I realized the bias I’d been living with all that time. Not all African Americans are black. The content in this book breaks NLP in many ways.  

This book was written by a man who bought the farm. He was baptized when he was five years old and consequently born again. He bought the farm at a very young age.  
    During the writing of this manuscript, I realized that Enoch actually escaped the prison planet of Earth after 325 years of bondage. Enoch was not, for he was taken? Yes. Just as an imprisoned IS-BE, he did escape. Although, I struggle with the idea that Enoch was/is an IS-BE. That contradicts the very bloodline (as I understand it) as pure. As Enoch’s descendant, Noah, would also be of that line; consequently, the descendant; Jesus the Christ. So at this point, I am uncertain.
    Presently. I reject the idea tha the human race (biologically) was created by an IS-Be process; and then inhabited by an IS-BE. Even though I saw in vision, less than a year ago, five alien creatures escorting Adam to be endowed with the essence of man, my conviction holds that although Airl claims we are all gods; that is a lie. None of us are gods. There remains one God who rules supreme over time, space and motion. An IS-Be is not a god, even though Airl may believe it.  Whether or not I am an IS-BE; still eludes my convictions. I am not convinced one way or the other. I am however convinced that in a way, as God lives within me, I have been created in his image and therefore, in a way, I am what an IS-BE is; because the great I AM; is within me.
    Airl names one IS-BE who she says escaped bondage: "2,181 BCE: MIN, became the God of Fertility of Egypt. The IS-BE, also known as PAN, was also a Greek god. Min, or Pan, was an IS-BE who somehow managed to escape from the "Old Empire" amnesia system. Reference The Roswell alien interview - (Airl, the alien interviewed.) (A Timeline of Events. Matilda O'Donnel Maceroy Personal Note) Official Transcript of Interview. Top Secret.
     Enoch has provided me with more insight than I can presently comprehend. I am cynical, suspicious, and trust in nothing without some inspiration given to me spiritually. And even then, I spend forever validating it before conviction. In theory.
    This manuscript is influenced by the transcript of the Roswell alien interview - (Airl, the alien interviewed.)

I do find inconsistencies in Airl’s presentation of the history of the human race. And that is this: If an IS-BE is in bondage through the possession of a human for that mortal’s mortal life, and after the death of that host, is immediately deposited in another human being to once again be chained and bonded through amnesia, my question is this, what was the condition of the man who became the host for the IS-BE? Who was he before his body was possessed?
    My answer: That man was a human, with a spiritual essence. And that… is not an IS-BE. Therefore, an IS-BE, is not human. An IS-BE is either an angel in a humanoid body, or an immortal human who disobeyed universal law and was cast out of Heaven, wherever that is; bound to the physical realm until TEOTWAWKI.
    Although reincarnation may be true, I believe it only applies to an immortal IS-BE who passes from one Biological Mortal Human to the next. An IS-BE, may take possession of another Biological Mortal Human, who is presently occupied by a different IS-BE in bondage, as has been indicated by Airl, however, the consequences of that can result in the re-capture of the reincarnated IS-BE by the Old Empire forces.

Laozi, a philosopher (600 BC) an IS-BE of great wisdom who had overcome the effects of amnesia wrote a small book called The Way. Here is a small piece of his own recovery:
He who looks will not see it.
He who listens will not hear it.
He who gropes will not grasp it.
The formless nonentity, the motionless source of motion.
The infinite essence of the spirit is the source of life.
Spirit is self.
The delusion of man is that reality is not an illusion.
One who creates illusions and makes them more real than reality, follows the path of the spirit and finds the way of heaven.
I (Trainman) saw the souls in the horizon of space in vision. Protected. Timeless. In waiting. The evil forces thought they possessed these souls. They were sadly mistaken. When they finally (future event) go to unpack the souls in waiting, they will find the package; empty. The essence escaped forever from their grasp. That essence? The persons of mankind.
What’s missing from this novel? my·o·pi·a
noun: myopia
        lack of imagination, foresight, or intellectual insight.

I suspect: I suspect there are three types of aliens that do not conflict with my convictions about God, or gods; immortal men, mortal men, Nephilim, or demons. 1) I suspect there are angels who can possess an alien suit; a doll, or inanimate suit made-of-matter that they can possess at their leisure. These rebellious angels can also possess mortal man in a similar way, yet they are met with much resistance as the man has a soul. 2) There are immortal men, called Runaways, who rebelled with the angels even so, by deception, yet they rebelled. The consequence they suffer is eternal punishment because of that rebellious act. This immortal race of men are the ancestors of the Nephilim. 3) I suspect Nephilim are children of the immortal race of men (the Runaways) who procreated with the women of mortal man. These Nephilim; when they die in the flesh, live in the spirit because they are half immortal. They too can inhabit the alien suit; a doll, or inanimate suit made-of-matter. This allows them to interact in the physical realm; of which they too are bound.

I believe there are wars within the rebelling factions against each other. A resistance of a sort by some of the immortal men (called Runaways) who oppose the original rebelling angels. (The Old Empire.) I believe the Runaways can be forgiven. (By man.) I believe the Nephilim (or demons) can be forgiven. (By man.) I don't know if the rebelling angels have that option, even if men forgive them. Because, they were already forgiven once, (by Michael, the Arch Angel) and they continued on a path of rebellion. Jesus gave a parable of this. Matthew 18, verse 27. "Then the lord of that servant was moved with compassion, and loosed him, and forgave him the debt." ...The lord being Jesus and the servant being Lucifer. The other character in that parable represent the Runaways. The prison in that parable? That is the prison planet known as Earth.      

Potential collaboration on the Area 51 interview? A video discussion with a retired NASA officer:
Edgar Mitchell UFO interview on Kerrang Radio 23 july 2008 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhNdxdveK7c

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Paul R. Bland has devoted much of his life to the study of history of all things—mainly, the spiritual civil war, which means religion and politics. Paul is a walking oxymoron—a conservative liberal—who takes solace in riding his motorcycle and having lively discussions with anyone willing to humor him. He lives in Georgia with his wife and their twins, daughter and son.   

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