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ee. Writing on the Wall.      


Loyalty given. Love taken. I took. I gave. I slept. So tired. So relaxed. I slept on the soft fur rug. I slept until I saw the red. Until I heard the buzzing. The humming buzz captured me. My life passes before me in an instant. Faced with immediate death. This hum is the encounter that I fear. Hum consumes me. The earth shakes. Dry leaves whirl and rattle in the air. Drifting downward I do. Thunder approaches from beneath the ground. Giant footsteps again. Tyrannosaurus? Triceratops? I could only imagine. I tried to move from the fur rug but I could not. I tried to yell. I could not. To warn the village guards. To warn Edni. I could not speak. Another abduction?

                Fire Eyes. I know it. In silent helpless panic, I await death. But death is patient. Ruthless. First fear, then torture, and then death comes. I huddled. Hypnotic hums. Warmth buzzing around me. Weightlessness. Arctic cold. Warmth and the crackling of old bones. Sonic rapture. Saw blades. A mixing bowl of black rough ebony with faces distorted clouds my thoughts. Chattering. Serpents hissing. Dark eyes. Red eyes. Bleeding teardrops. White hairless heads appear. Heads with horns. Teeth. The stench. The smell of nausea. A huge face. All head. Red hair. No. …Fur. Bare shoulders massive and hairy. Rigid silver instruments. Dirty. Rusty. Nauseating; the constant hum. The reverbing echo of heavy breathing echoes from many mouths spitting on me. Wicked laughter; echoes of it all.

                Methuselah. He is running. Escaping fear. He runs. He is bound by living ropes. I see in my mind. He falls; succumbs to capitulation. All the while, Edni is horribly violated. She struggles in vain. She is accosted by evil living ropes of slime on snakeskin. They swing her suspended; waist high. Preparing for the exploit her purity.

                I see Fire Eyes face to face. He speaks with no lips. A rough, deep, dark, vengeful voice announces, “We have her. Do not interfere.”

                I cannot interfere. I cannot move. I can only observe. Fire eyes. the glow; threatening searing death. My death. My death comes secondary’ doubled with Edni exploited. An event I cannot bear. I’d rather die. I finally produce a scream. I scream loud; disrupting my own terror.

                The voice of another. Calling my name. Calling my name from a distance. Calling my name from afar. A response to my plea for help. A soft voice. It is the voice I recognize; that of Edni. Her touch brings me to the present. The reality of the living. I am safe in her arms. I sweat in fear recognized. I am alive; shivering in her arms, in her hut, on the soft fur rug. There is no Fire Eyes on me. There is no threat surrounding me. There is no harm imminent. There is no evil present.

                I speak. “Where is Methuselah? I want to see him with my own eyes.”

                There is a loft in the hut. Aside the rug. Fixed above with a wooden branch ladder. She postures her arms with a sway and a smile. She poses several ways; a sweet dance in the nude. Sweet as she is with pride in her eyes, full of love for her beautiful son, Methuselah, she points. Her adored son is in the loft. Edni apparently never perceive the visitation from Fire Eyes. Was it real? Or just a nightmare?

                No words. I stand silent; my mind clouded. Edni captivates my attention. She is so beautiful. I recall the danger. The threat. I carefully face the loft at eye-level. I see a boy. A small boy. Dreaming of happiness. Comfort surrounds his sleeping innocence. Was he aware that Edni and I just had sex? He is covered with a soft fur skin. I see a small satchel with a loop of hide lace. I feel the satchel. It’s similar to a small bag of marbles. Only the contents of it? Small smooth stones. I recall his words from the previous morning at the stream where we first met. Where he dropped this handful of stones to the ground. Then scooping them to a small pile. An altar of sorts. And then this small boy proclaimed, “On this ground, I meet my father. Where we stand I rise to meet you.”

                Where we stand I rise to meet you. Those little round skipping stones are sentimental symbols for a fond memory. His altar of joy to the father he had barely known. Then he saw me. And then, I knew him as a son. He would rise to be a great man. He would overcome Fire Eyes; a liar. I know the truth. I know that Methuselah lives life in fullness and lives longer than any other man ever recorded on dry ground until the end of mortality. He will live close to one thousand years. He will not be taken by any enemy. Not by any man, beast or spirit.

                I must tell the world beyond this land. Beyond Cainan. I must tell them of our future. What is to come. It is my commission. I was there. I came from the future. Didn’t I? I must warn all people of the way Fire Eyes consumes. He is a devastating liar. Yet truth survives. Truth cuts the lie and dispenses peace. Cuts the lie and disposes the confusion. Cuts the lie and offers the living; a promise during the civil war proxy on earth.               

                There are two truths. Two blessings. Two gifts. Two destinies. Two paths. One is peace during mortal war. The other is peace eternal. Neither has yet arrived. The message I carry is meant to reinforce peace during the proxy war. Peace while living with wartime attacks on humanity. Spiritual hope. Spiritual survival. Spiritual victory without PTSD.[1]

                The message I carry is meant to warn of the future. The way to minimize collateral damage from the evils of Satan and all of his minions. Clandestine to most. Revealed to a few.

                Methuselah will carry on the message within a few moons of sudden destruction; the mortality of the demon Nephilim bloodline. Until the end of time, where the Watchers will once again achieve an abuse of the spark of life; changing men of the dry ground into beasts of hybrid origin. Male to female. Female to male. Men to animals. Beasts of burden, still half human. Their souls cross wired. Almost hacked. But never it will be.  

                The message I carry is meant to warn the present of our future. A way of persuasion that begins with mortality and ends with morality. Peace eternal for all of mankind. All of us. A paradigm shift awaits us.

                To Fire Eyes; to Satan; this message owns you. This is your destiny. Your ultimate defeat. Hung by your own rope. In the civil war you instigated, you capture only MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN.

                MENE, God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end; TEKEL, you have been weighed and found wanting; and PERES, the kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians. You perish. Your immortality bound forever. Can you even ask for forgiveness? Your own chain binds you forever in your precinct. מנא, מנא, תקל, ופרסין [2]

                For the 21st century, the writing is on the wall.

[1] Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

[2] Reference within the Holy Bible, the Book of Daniel. Chapter 5.

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