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ee. People of Dry Ground.


I am Trainman.

Journal: Paranormal. Which is reality and which is vision?


A Screech. A growl. A vicious threat. Cat pouncing. Claws. My face. A tiger. Dragged across the ground. Head bouncing. Helpless. Grasping at submissive dirt and digging in the heels. Gain a foothold and make a stand against the attacking cat.


Constant hum. Awkward warmth. An unknown embrace. Weightlessness. Arctic cold. Humming crackling sonic rapture. Saw blades. A mixing bowl with faces; distorted. Chattering. Crickets chirping. Dark eyes. Someone is cooking. Bacon? Merely déjà vu. Let’s hide behind the chain saws!


Which is reality? People of earth having the essence that angels could never name. The essence of man. They want it. Our battle is not against each other; the people of the earth. It is against these spirits of rebellion. From the Bible. Ephesians. 6:12. Some deny. Some ignore. Some fear. Some fight. Some ridicule.


Reading the blogs on the topic of intelligent design, the comments are filled with nasty mindless immature criticisms and denial. Marginalizing with empty conclusions that there is no God. Just superstition. Yet, everyone enjoys good science fiction. Most everyone. The truth is, history is more fascinating than Sci-Fi.


Who are they? Have you ever heard of a soul-transplant? You only get one. The spirits of rebellion lust after it. They can’t have it. Through possession they may abuse the freedom it accesses, but the soul outlives that possessor. I write for a paranormal magazine. I am a cynic. I write experiences. But I don’t just write about the experiences. I write about why. I’ve been a student of the paranormal since childhood and don’t take that lightly. I’ve read the Bible from cover to cover various times. It’s filled with paranormal experiences. Starting at the age of ten, I read Genesis over and over. For some reason, that book fascinated me. I didn’t care for the other books in the Torah. Just Genesis. It was my favorite as a child. As I grew, I put off my convictions because I didn’t want to miss out on all the sin in the world. I planned to save all that “being obedient stuff” for when I was old. That was my rationale as a teen. A somewhat common rationale.


I began writing when I started having… experiences. Opportunity knocked at about the same time. I became an entry level clerk for a paranormal magazine because a friend of mine married a girl who was part of a family who owned that magazine brand. I got a job there because of whom I knew. The pay was minimum. But the job had an impressive ring to it. Something I could brag about to those I wanted to impress. I claimed to be a writer. I claimed to be in-the-know about things paranormal. In reality, I knew where the coffee pot was and what a typewriter looked like at the magazine office. I had no formal higher-education in the traditional sense.


So now that’s how it all began. And after a decade, I became a professional writer with on-the-job training. My responsibility was to present a monthly article in that magazine. After ten years of this, I deserved a vacation.


That brings me to this present day. My ten-year celebration. I will take a train across the country to California. And then via helicopter from Long Beach, just a hop across the pacific to the Catalina Island. The island can be seen from the southern coast of California. Diving, fishing, swimming in the cold blue waters of the west coast. This will be my vacation from everything paranormal. Everything written. The first leg of it? The train ride. And so I write this brief letter. (He lies.)


I wrote a note to myself. “Two things to vehemently avoid: Politics and religion.” Get ready for a new book that was written minutes ago about predictions made thousands of years ago and happening minutes from now. [1] [2]


By, Trainman.

[1] Some of the experiences in this novel are actual experiences published by the same author in the book titled "Who Is God's Mother?"

[2] Many paraphrases from the Books of Jubilees and of Enoch.

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