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ee. A Lucid Dream or Time Travel?


I am Trainman.



Sleeping on a cross-country train ride inspires. After hours of writing, my eyes were tired. I made my way through the passenger cabins and found my bed in the sleeper car. I tucked my papers, changed into my pajamas and climbed into the bunk-style bed. It wasn’t long before I drifted to sleep. The repetitive click-click-clacks of the train wheels on the tracks were my lullaby.


When I drifted off to sleep, I had a dream. Apparently, my mind was still active and reluctant to relax. So when I awoke, I had to write it down. Figuratively speaking… I brought up my laptop and typed it. Write? Type? Same thing? Here’s what I typed right in the sleeper car.


I dreamed of a meadow. It was more like astral projection; the sensation that is. I could nearly feel things, but not touch. I could nearly smell the air, but not inhale. I wondered what it would be like to be a spirit. Well… This dream of astral projection just about answers that question because it’s as if I were actually there; in my dream. But I was not. I was watching the dream unfold. I don’t think I could influence the outcome. It’s like I was a passive observer.


(True story.)[1] The lucid dream is any dream in which one is awake and perhaps aware that one is dreaming.  Or, was this a lucid vision? For I could see the room around me where I sat awake in a chair. In my dream, I was not on a train. I was on the ground. Or maybe in a tree. In my dream, I saw a group of five silhouettes’. I can only describe them as gray aliens. That's what they looked like. They were a fair distance from me in a colorless meadow of sparse dry bushes and thinly populated weeds. There was a low wall separating us, made of off-white brick and plaster. These beings that I saw were milling around. Near them, I noticed tent-like structure. Maybe it was a tent, or maybe it was a machine. Perhaps a ship for travel and or cargo. I was guessing. I didn’t know for sure. I don’t think that so-called tent was alive. Although it did move a little.


It seemed like present day in my dream, however, what I was observing happened long ago in our past. Somehow, I knew what they were doing. That’s kind of weird. Think about it. “Somehow, I knew what they were doing?” They were analyzing, debating, or deciding on a selection. A docile beast from a small clan in that meadow. Men in the land of Nod. Intuition told me this clan was human. Not "bad" people. Not apes. Primitive men who ran on instinct. The beasts were humans. Similar to the stereotyped cave man, Cro-Magnon, or Early Modern Human, (EMH). More human than not. But they acted like beasts not men. In the year 2016, “scientist will tell you these men looked a lot like us, but did not have the complete suite of modern human behaviors.” [2]


I concluded in my short observation that they were beasts; without a human soul. They survived on instinct, not intellect. Intuition told me this; or whatever was providing the dream-factor narrative. Like an unspoken tour guide, these thoughts were streaming into my head. My conclusions were not from my own calculations. “Previously, and up until that day, the humans in the land of Nod were being cultivated by the devil. This was the world he claimed before the human race.” And somehow I knew this by intuition? How could I ever explain that thought? I can’t.


People who believe that man evolved from ape might have some truth to it. But I was witnessing intelligent design before my eyes in this dream.


Let me ask you. Does a straw hut evolve into a sky-scraper? Or, a shopping mall? Does a wooden hand-cart evolve into an over-the-road eighteen-wheeler? Does a common muddy watered, bottom-feeding freshwater carp evolve into a beautiful fan-tailed Goldfish? The answer is yes. But by intelligent design. It took “human invention” to get from a wooden cart to a massive eighteen-wheeler truck. And it took “human intervention” to get from the common carp to the Fan-tailed Goldfish. It took human intervention to get from the Dingo dog to the Great Dane. The process of natural selection did not make the German Shepherd. Germans did.


And what of man? If you add the essence of man to what may have been the human race before it (the essence) was added, then, the only missing components were immortality and the knowledge of spiritual law. Immortality does not exist in evolution. Neither does the soul. Traditional science excludes spiritual influence by demand and necessity.


But this is what I was witnessing in my dream. A transition. A transformation. The visitors on expedition from other space were not gray aliens the way we commonly stereotype them. It's just the best way I can describe their appearance from that distance. These aliens were on a mission for mankind. They were involved in a plan to counter the devils’ grip on our race. Intuition told me this. The visiting beings from other space were allied with loyal angels from heaven. Or, they were angels. I don’t really know. I only give that description because that’s what I saw. And that’s what I interpreted that these visitors were doing from intuition.


The aliens separated one of the men from the rest of that clan there. They first examined him passively. As if they were deliberating something among themselves. I could faintly hear voices but I didn’t know who was talking. The man they selected was the largest among them. They escorted him away from the clan. Five aliens escorting a man who was not protesting.


Now that human who was selected by these five beings from somewhere else became man; that day. He “became” Adam. The lucid pictures ended.


There was more to this dream. More detail. More that I saw and more understanding that was given by intuition. But that article is for another time. I’d make some notes and research it later. I’d write that another time. Right now, I was so sleepy. I needed to go back to sleep with no dreams allowed. It had been a long day and this Dear Diary epilogue has to end for now. So as my eyes were weary, I dozed for a moment; feeling controlled. Anxiety capitulated. Curiosity retired.


By, Trainman.

[1] Partially based on a vision published by the same author in the book titled, "Who Is God's Mother?"

[2] Retrieved 5/15/2016 from Archaeology.about.com http://archaeology.about.com/od/earlymansites/a/cro_magnon.htm

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