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ee. Beginning Three Centuries.



A Conversation with Oil Rag after meeting with the unholy.


                Oil Rag sharpens a bronze blade on a stone. His movement across the stone with the blade is precise. As though he only practices this as a means to entertain himself and exercise his arms and hands. The blade is already razor sharp. He asks, “How did the Watchers react to the words you delivered them? After your appeal to our King?”

                “Their appeal was not genuine. The unholy Watchers rejected the judgement delivered by Enoch.”

                Still trying to justify calamity in my mind, I ask of Oil Rag, “I’ve read there is a flaming sword to prevent entrance to the tree of life. Presently, this keeps Adam out. No access to the tree. Why didn’t God just put a perimeter around all of Eden from the start to keep the devils out? None of this would have ever happened.”

                Oil Rag remarks, “Enoch, you’ve read? You’ve only read?”

                I reply, “I’ve not seen. I wasn’t there.”

                “You were conducted there on the perimeter to Eden. You were there. The land of Elda. You did not see? You don’t know?”

                “I did not see. What is it I do not know?”

                Oil Rag sets the sharpening stone down. As well as the dagger. “Do you recall the lean-to? Where you found the ancient papyrus? The footprints of Zeitgeist?”

                “Yes. I do.”

                “You were a stones throw from Eden.”

                He continues. “It’s just to the north of us now. It’s not far from here. But the path from here is treacherous. Beyond those mountains. The trek you followed with Jared to Cainan… From there it is different than the path we are on near the domes in Shulon. We are on the opposite side of the mountain range. Those mountains to the west are treacherous and filled with rather large animals and usually vicious too. Also works of the unholy. Abominable trans-species. Soul-twins melded in unholy alliance to a beast.”

                I ask, “What is at the Garden of Eden that I need to see?”

               “Enoch, the war was underway before Adam was Adam. Your modern era is on a path to the same end. Works of the unholy conjuring abominable trans-species of soul-twins melded in an unholy alliance to a beast they adore. All in the name of progress and moving forward with enlightenment. And yet you are here, near the beginning. To witness firsthand what to expect in the future.”

                “You cannot claim your world from the crib of a baby. Satan’s influence was inevitable. He must hang himself to crush his own accusations. Other worlds were watching when it began. Quenching doubt in the Kingdom of God requires understanding. For you to claim this world, the accusation must be disproved. Revealed as the ugly baby of its worth. A lie. Tested false. You were drafted into this civil war of angel-against-angel. This war is of the spiritual realm. You are drafted, exploited and likewise, the benefactor of it.”

                “Fire Eyes is Satan?”      

                Oil Rag laughs a semi-fearful laugh. “Speak softly. I call him Elusive. My opinion? He has many eyes. He walks on egg shells to this day. If he were to break any one of those egg shells, he would turn to ash. It’s like wearing a suicide vest of delusion. He must follow his own lie to prove it out. The rules of engagement. The law and order of the Kingdom. His accusation is that he deserves the throne. He will fail. I hope to be restored before that happens. That’s why I encourage you to assemble a resistance here. Now. I have rejected fire Eyes.”

                Enoch prophesies. “Cain’s death will mark the end of this rebellion of Nephilim. I will warn the people who have no knowledge of it. If you will help me, I will mark your appeal.”

                “Mark my appeal.”

                I reach out and shake Oil Rag’s hand. Confirmation that we may work together for a common goal. To form a resistance. A community among the Shulon to oppose the rebelling angels.

                “Oil Rag, why were you absent from the assembly in the dome of the Shulon when I gave the unholy the reply to their appeal? The judgement from God to the unholy Watchers?”

                “Enoch, as I told you before, I am not an angel. Nor am I an unholy Watcher. I am like you. Human. Only I am immortal. A tall white. I wish my disobedience jeopardized immortality… Destined for temporal punishment. I am of the Runaways. I now rebel against the disloyal quietly. I commit as an ally to you in forming a resistance to their influence over men. They wish to pollute your entire bloodline. Only those with you are pure; no others. Your wife. Your sons. Your brothers. …Of the Shulon, the lineage from Cain, their lineage is not. They are mortal, like you. The Shulon also mingled with the primitives. Adam’s initial mission failed. He was disqualified before it even began. You desire to educate the Shulon? Educate your own family first.”

                “It isn’t just the Shulon. It’s the unholy Watchers. They demand my appeal on their behalf to be forgiven and restored. I am just the messenger. I don’t pronounce the judgement, merely announce the judgement to them. But I care for the Watchers. I care for the Shulon. And I care for the Runaways.”

                “So naive. You, Enoch, are running ahead of your own commission from God. Don’t make the same mistake the Runaways made. You have not seen what I have seen. The primitives never received the essence of man. And now the Garden is protected. So all that mingle with the primitives run on instinct. Not intellect.”  


                “Their offspring. The Shulon do not keep records of birth. You are risking your life in their hands. You only survived there because of me. They fear me.”

                “It is worth the risk.”

                “And you have not seen, Enoch, you have not been to the underground. The dwelling of the roots. The roots of evil. The domes are living domes. They are not constructed of dead wood and reed. And the stones are just the outer shell. The inner walls are alive with evil essence. The unholy Watchers inhabit the walls. If you go down the stairwell where you were escorted by the three women, you have only reached the entrance to the underground. The assembly of the unholy Watchers listened to you from the very walls surrounding you. Many are not allowed to come up to dry ground. But if you were to descend further down, you would be horrified by what they do. In the future, their flagship city of accomplishments will be called, Atlantis. Remnants of it will persist, even to your future generation where you were born.”

                “The lore is true?”

                “A bit of it. Most of the lore is just fabricated. The unholy Watchers and the Runaways are very clandestine. The demons that roam in your modern generation are well equipped. They can interact with the physical realm fluently. The trusted ones. In your modern generation, many are captive below. Even to the end. Mindless violence. Chained. In your modern generation, some will walk side by side with the human race. Some will inhabit the dark side of the moon.”


                “What’s left of them. Reconstructed. That’s what the Unholy Watchers and the Runaways did in Atlantis. Design living tissue for the spirit-bound Nephilim. Call them demons. Here, men call them gods. Your modern generation will call them aliens.”

                “Actually now I am confused. You are saying that’s what they did in Atlantis. But you just told me that Atlantis doesn’t exist yet.”

                “So sorry. Yes. That’s what they will do in the future. Time travel confuses me too. Sometimes I forget where I am.”



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