We are all veterans of a foreign war and spiritual PTSD is worldwide. Two visions to share with you in the above video.


Take the time once a day read a page and pray.
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Final seconds before we die; looking to the sky;

we see the truth about why.

How mortal life has promise and worth;

  a gift to us ...time living on earth.

He conquered death as he looked to the sky. Why?

I watched the following videos years after my visions and dreams. Years after engaging to write Who is God's Mother? I watched these videos on December, the 27th, 2016. My completed manuscript was published on September 13, of that same year after two years of writing it. The visions and dreams were scattered in time, many of which happened in 2011. The following videos explain events that I've seen in vision, or dreamed in lucid sleep. Not all of it is clear to me, and there are a few things that differ in interpreted facts, but the heart of this is the same, and will be literal in our future once again, as it was, in the days of Noah.

I am presently writing a second book. Science fiction. However, it is actually, the reality I've seen of Enoch and weaved to compile a series of events that draw the post millennial into the spiritual world of reality without preaching the stale and mesmerizing religions of men. Here is my offer to you:

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Sincerely, the author. You can find me on Facebook as, Paul R. Bland.