Who Is God's Mother?
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          Willie’s Experience

Willie’s Experience. As told by Willie.

I remember when we first moved to a new house. Was it haunted? Or was it just me? I experienced a demonic dream. Something that never before had happened. I was tired and I went to bed a little earlier than normal. And once the house was quiet and I was in a deep sleep, I saw a big dark beetle-like thing with claws. I knew I was in a dream.   But this beetle-like demon prevented me from getting up from the bed, or to awake from dreaming.   The beetle-like thing held me down. Every time I tried to get up, the beetle’s grip strengthened. Constricting my movement.  

The only way I broke the beetle-hold was when my father woke me from this apparent nightmare.

This happened more than once. So I told my parents, “the only way I could break from his grip, (the beetle demon) was when either my mother or my father called me to wake up.”

This nightmare scenario happened again the following night. It actually continued for several weeks. I was unable to get any good sleep. To this dilemma, my parents suggested that I pray about it.   I did that. I prayed to God. The Father. I believed that Jesus was a messenger. So my prayer was directed at God, the Father God. And afterwards, the demonic dreams subsided for a while. I was finally able to get a good nights’ sleep.

In time, I met my next door neighbors. While visiting with them, I told them about the demonic dreams. I described the encounters with that powerful beetle-like thing. The man (Richard) replied to me that he sensed something still evil in me (Willie) while we were talking. So he suggested I continue to pray.

That same evening after talking with my new neighbors, at bedtime, I fell asleep like normal in my room. I didn’t pray first. After I’d been asleep for a while, maybe about midnight, I heard a scream. A shriek, a shrill, some kind of terrifying demonic scream. In my dream I was awake. Or I was awake thinking I was in a dream? Regardless, I was scared. I saw a woman in the corner of the stairwell outside my door. She was screaming constantly and looking directly at me. She had no eyes. Just black holes. But I knew she was looking into my eyes.

After what seemed like an eternity, my father came into the room and was calling my name to wake up. Now I know it was a dream and not a demonic visitor in my physical room. Thanks to my Dad.

I went back to sleep without any more problems. In the morning, two Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on the door. I answered the door and invited them in. They asked me if I wanted to study with them. I said sure. But another time. I had things to do.

So I took their phone number down and they left.

The following day I decided to call them back. Walter and Harold. So they came back to the house and we studied the Bible. A basic overview of a Bible study series. Ever since then, no demonic dreams have come again. I am clear of that. It’s been about a year now and I’ve been spiritually healed from those nightmares. I still have Bible studies with Walter and Harold.

What I learned from this experience: “Always pray, even when you think you don’t have to.” Because through those prayers, my protection came from above and remains vigilant to this day.  

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